Throwback radio show: AWP 2011 Poets

This post originally appeared on on March 14, 2011 as an accompaniment to High Volumes, an online radio show with a literary edge. Please contact me if you are interested in hearing other shows, or viewing the archive. 



I’ve fallen into a terrible habit of doing a show only every two months, but believe me, today’s show is it worth the wait. In February I traveled to the annual conference of the Association of Writers and Writing Programs (the cool kids just call it AWP), which was held in Washington DC this year. It was attended by thousands of writers, publishers and teachers, so of course I knew it would be the ideal place to record material for High Volumes. It was an excellent time, and I’m already excited to go to Chicago for the conference next year.

AWP 2011 in Washington DC/Not an actual representation of how packed and awesome it was, but aren’t escalators cool?

So I kind of just stepped into the giant book fair and started asking people to read their poems to me (with a lot of help from Nick Demske and Heather Overby). It worked brilliantly, as you will hear. I’ve ended up with a wonderfully textured collage of poems amongst the din of the conference. It’s a terrific variety of styles and themes, and I can’t thank the people who read for me enough–not only for reading, but for their support for their show, and their bitchin musical suggestions. Click on their links below, buy their books, spread the love.

Also, there is a new, easier way to re-listen to this show again and again: with Cyberstation’s fabulous new platform, I can store the episode as an audio file for as long as I want without waiting for it to appear in the archive, then getting bumped as new shows air. Needless to say, this episode will be there for a while. Just go to, click on the little man wearing headphones (it’s under the picture gallery), and select “3-14-11 broadcast: AWP poets.”

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And thank you for listening, always. Please send your feedback to I’ll be back before too long with Laura van den Berg, John Cotter, and a multitude of other wonderful guests.


“Face for Radio” by Dora Malech

“We Use Spoons Mostly” by Trey Moody

“Three Poems Manufactured by the Sky” by Sean Ulman

“Midnight, In Praxis Rends” by John Chavez (and here, and here)

“Port (of Call)” by Dan Boehl

“Conference (Regatta)” by Dan Boehl

“For Luck and Landlessness” by Heather Overby

“I Give Birth To A Girl Who Is So Tiny I Lose Her Immediately” by Zachary Schomburg (and here)

“This Is What You Need To Know About The World, Pretend Son” by Zachary Schomburg

“A Performance: Strong Heart” by A. Minetta Gould

From The Girl Without Arms by Brandon Shimoda (also here)

“Untitled” by B.J. Love

“America, a Love Poem” by Jennifer Karmin

“Professional Extra” by Michael Dumanis

“Brutal End” by Ronaldo V. Wilson

“What’s Done:” by Daniel Khalastchi

“Harlem Tectonica” by Nick Demske

“Hive Me, Fifi! Hive Me! Hive Me!” by K. Silem Mohammad (a copy of this poem will be up on soon!)

“The Love of Reindeer” by Siân B. Griffiths

“Let us assume that we are each others’ best mail order brides” by Erica Jo Brown

“Rime Riche” by Monica Ferrell


“I Follow Rivers” by Lykke Li

“The Honest Truth” by Typhoon

“American Boy” by Eleni Mandel

“William Tell Overture (Abridged)” by Wendy Carlos

“Dance Yrself Clean” by LCD Soundsystem

Transition Songs:

“Positively Inclined” by Wax Tailor

“Coming Up From Behind” by Marcy Playground

“Zebra” by Beach House

“Summer Home” by Typhoon

“Kaputt” by Destroyer

“Rosa” by Grimes

“Nowhere to Hide” by Gaga for Gigi

“Self Torture” by Andrew Bird

“You are but a draft, a rehearsal for a show that will never play” by This Girl

“Running Up That Hill” by Chromatics

“Small Print” by Muse

“Lover in the Snow” by Rivers Cuomo

“I Love You” by The Pipettes