November 2016: I thought I’d have a different caption for this photo

3 interviews, 1 art review, 1 Terrance Hayes, 2 novels, 1 therapeutic theater date, 7 action items, 5 righteous reads, 1 Thanksgiving road trip


October 2016: The Old Divination Standby

1 (unsettling) art review, 3 interviews, 1 exaggerated headline, 1 Screwtape musing, 1 accidental feminist classic, 1 of many similarities between me and Ron Weasley, 1 report from Australia, 2 Halloween costumes

Throwback radio show: AWP 2011 Poets

This post originally appeared on on March 14, 2011 as an accompaniment to High Volumes, an online radio show with a literary edge. Please contact me if you are interested in hearing other shows, or viewing the archive.  ~   I’ve fallen into a terrible habit of doing a show only every two months,…